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May 2019
When we first heard about Shannon, our property had been on the market off-and-on for over three years with two different realtors (two of the big names in the area). We had not so much as received an offer in that time, and we had developed a pretty skeptical attitude toward realtors in the  process. A friend told me about Shannon, so we got on Zillow to check her out. The reviews really caught my attention because several were similar to our situation: on the market a long time with little movement until Shannon came along. We decided to give her a try and were thankful that we did from the first moment we met her. Shannon just has a different vibe/feel than most realtors. You really feel like she is a partner in a shared endeavor, and you never get the sense that she has more important clients or other things to do. She doesn’t brag about her stats or anything, instead she spends time really understanding her clients’ needs and goals–and, perhaps most importantly, she actually gives advice. Shannon was the first realtor we encountered that really gave thorough, detailed advice about exactly what we needed to do to make our house more marketable and appealing. In this context, she understood our spending limitations, but she also would push back when she knew something was important. For the first time, we felt like we had an actual gameplan to execute to sell our house. She was with us every step of the way in getting the place ready–with lots of healthy dialogue and give-and-take–and that process was painless with her guidance. We had confidence that what she told us would make a difference, and it paid off. Shannon’s vast experience in all forms of real estate really showed through for us, and she was full of good ideas both large and small. Shannon was also very reassuring through all phases of having our place on the market. She really worked on our behalf through relationships she had with other realtors. She got some offers on the table, and when those were not quite where we needed to be, she skillfully went back to a previously interested party and got them to make an offer that we ultimately accepted. Unlike any of the realtors we had dealt with in the past–again, two of the biggest name and biggest volume firms in the area–we actually felt like Shannon was really putting in heavy effort to make something happen for us–not just placing a few ads and then just sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring. She was always working on it and always talking to us. Shannon not only sold our property, she realigned my expectations of what a realtor can and should be. We are grateful to have found her.
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