July 2016
Shannon Harrington is a dream come true. I find it very difficult to convey just how wonderful Shannon was in helping me through this process. There really aren’t enough words without sounding like a fake review because she really is that good. If you are on the hunt for a home in the Staunton area, then Shannon Harrington is not just a sound choice, but honestly one of the best. Let’s begin with Local Knowledge. Shannon’s knowledge of the Staunton-Charlottesville corridor is impressive. When I first spoke with her and told her what we were looking for, and what our budget was (which wasn’t alot), she assured me that it was totally possible to find a nice home within our price range in the Staunton/Waynesboro area. We started in Waynesboro, but the more I spoke with Shannon about what we wanted in a community, she steered me back to Staunton (at the time I was renting in Staunton, but was looking at Waynesboro due to the limitations of the loan program). I gave her what we were looking for and she was on it. We looked at several homes in a variety of neighborhoods in Staunton, and she would easily rattle off some of the pros/cons of each, based on my criteria. As we talked, I learned about her involvement in local community with efforts such as renovating the Newtown neighborhood, and if memory serves me correctly, she was instrumental in establishing the local dog park. Her love for Staunton is evident, and yet she was also equally informed about Waynesboro and Charlottesville. When I first began this process, I spoke with my mortgage consultant who did a decent job explaining this process; however, he explained it to me like a banker. My first phone call with Shannon lasted about 45 minutes, and I had more understanding about the ups and downs of the process after that phone call. Everything she said was spot on. From making an offer on a propert to the closing table, Shannon knows this industry. When we hit any bump in the road, she was prepared. She knew what action needed to be taken to get us through this, and she navigated it without appearing to break a sweat. Let me interject that when I say us, I mean myself and Shannon. Her middle name might be transparency because she is forever wanting your voice to be heard in this process, and if you’ve never bought a house before (like me) it was so easy to be shutout of the back and forth between the bank, underwriter, home inspector, etc. She will make sure that your voice is heard. Another aspect about Shannon that I loved is that she knows houses. She renovates homes in the Staunton area, so she knows about the mechanics of a house. I cannot tell you how many times we’d be looking at a home, and then she’d see something that was a red flag. She’d look a little closer, and then say that this wasn’t the place for us and then give us the reason why. In one home she saw that the foundation would need repair, in another place she saw how the floor was warped. But what truly impressed me was when we viewed the home we finally bought, I saw a repair that made me want to run for the hills, and she said “that is easily repairable and we’ll mark that as a contingency, don’t let that kill it for you.” And I didn’t! And she was right. She knows houses. She loves houses. After one outing with her, I knew that she wasn’t going to put me in a house that would turn into The Money Pit. There is so much to say! But I don’t know if people will begin to think that this is fake because I have nothing but praise for this woman! Nothing but praise! The only way she could have been better is if she had bought the house for us. When I came to Shannon with my budget, I thought that we’d be scraping the bottom of the barrel. And we saw some doozies! But Shannon saw us through and brought us to this fantastic home in a great area. I feel like for the first time in years that I’m home. And I owe this to Shannon Harrington.
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